Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My 3 year old son Maddex has a big black eye.

His big brother Kilian pushed him into a table corner!

Can you say OUCH?!?!

Busy and Sick!

I have been both super busy and SICK!!
I have 4 jobs and I work from home so its hard to get thinks done in a fast fashion. I also have a Autoimmune Disease that can flare up and make me miserable and useless to the world. I also have the 3 kids and they can be a lot.
I have not had any time or energy to craft and I am so upset about that.
I am doing the Bazzar Bizaar on November 30th w/ my fellow SFetsy members and I need to make some stuff and get organized. I wanted to post a few pictures and show off some of my newer/old stuff.
Make sure you come buy my both at BIZ BAZ!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

In the Beginning there was KHAOSCAT

Hi! Welcome to my new blog.
My name is Casey Harvey I am an artist, mother and animal lover.
I started this blog so I can share all my craft adventures with the world. I sell Vintage things also because I am a huge lover of the old and classic.
I will be doing a antiques and art show on Sept. 1st Labor Day. http://www.cottagejewel.com/ its in Danville CA if anyone wants to come by and say hi.
I wanted to promote a really great family business they are fellow Bay Area residence and I just love there stuff plus they have very cute kids. They are a husband wife team known as small threads please check them out. http://www.shopsmallthreads.blogspot.com/.
Please check back often I will be blogging daily.
Peace and Happiness to all who read.

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