Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Real New House

So we didn't get the house from my previous blog boohhh whooooo!! But the good news is we got a better house! This one is less move in ready and more work but, its in a cul-de-sac, one story, and full of promise and happiness. I can see my 3 kids dancing around, playing in the court, enjoying our cool new patio etc. I also get to pick a lot of the new stuff myself so its going to be designed by me!!!!
I cant wait I'm so excited. I want to get rid of the tropical tree in the front and the bushes they really don't match the rest of the landscaping and they ruin the view of our front door which will be painted red!!! Let me know what you think!!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

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This is the house I have a bid in on!!! Fingers crossed that this will be our first home!! I have never owned a home or even lived in a house this nice!! We are so excited I drive by everyday and pray for our bid to be accepted! There are multiple offers we went over asking waved the cash back and agreed to pay all the closing costs!! Hopefully this is the best bid in there!
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Friday, January 30, 2009

BUSY, Busy....

Last night I was up til 3 am which is unheard of in my house.

I did get a lot of crating done. I will show you some pics. I dont have the time to put anything on my shop hopefully on Sunday!!! Lt me know what you think?

xoxoxo Casey

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Promise.....


I hope someone is reading this! I have made a commitment to myself...I will blog everyday...about whatever I want.Mainly I will blog about Crafting and what I am up to.I have soooo many ideas floating around in my crazy brain that I really think it would be great to get it all out in this blog, also it will be beneficial to those who start following my blog. My biggest hope is to inspire people and give them ideas for there own projects.I will be doing tutorials on 100% unique projects.So stay tuned...........

As for today's blog I want to talk about my sweet baby Maddex who's birthday was yesterday Jan. 28th. He is 4 and I cant believe it. It also means that exactly in one month from his B-day is my 34th B-day!!!! Yikes I feel so old. Well actually I don't really feel old at all....I feel like a kid and I feel like my life is just beginning mostly due to my new love of crafting. I have always been an artist but I never knew about the wonderful world of crafting. I am absolutely overwhelmed with ideas and plans on how to turn my LOVE into a business.

Lets take the journey together and hopefully as I learn I can share my success and lessons learned with you.

Here are some pictures of my newest Hair Adornments.....Let me know what you think I would LOVE some feedback good hopefully but I am open to constructive criticism.

timothy adam designs: My Art Fire Studio

timothy adam designs: My Art Fire Studio