Monday, July 26, 2010

What I Did Today!

I have been working on several projects. One is a vintage Hippo dish I turned into a pin cushion. I also used some vintage H.Hobbie wallpaper that used to be in my sisters room when she was little. She is now 37! I put the wallpaper pieces I cut on pieces of wood as new hangable pictures. I will get these things into my Etsy shops soon.

Maker Faire Pictures

Here you go!

First up is the plush team @! Wonderful, beautiful women all of them!

Second is random stuff like R-2 D-2 (4 of them), steam punk, and cool sculptures.

I would love some more comments!

The skunk girl is my daughter Devyn. such a cutie!

Maker Faire

My daughter and I volunteered at the Maker Faire yesterday Sat. May 22nd. What a blast! We had so much fun helping all the crafter in the Expo hall and then we got to go to Bizzar Bazzar and see all the fabolously talented artists at work in there. It was right next door at the Swamp-o-Rama where i took off my pants and traded for a comfy skirt. In private of course. We got some great fabric and some other cloths! Awesome idea and we will be going again next year with a ton of cloths. We also did some time in the Maker Shed! I saw Adam Savage (MythBusters) for a minute. Really cool.

I thought I would show you some freebies I got from a great company called FabMo. They go around the Bay Area and collect all the fabric swatches that would be thrown into our landfills otherwise. So I got some great pieces of fabric and I already made a zipper pouch OWL.

Enjoy the pictures I will add more tomorrow!

I'm Back

I do not like wordpress so I 'am back!!!!
Here are the blogs you missed!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Little girl DRESSES

Some fun little dresses I made for Aurora Rosa A.K.A Squishy
They are size 3T
hope she likes them!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow! A year has gone by since I last blogged!

Quick update first. We got our house and moved in March 27th, 2009. We painted inside and out, fixed up the front yard and got new carpet in the bedrooms where there is no tile. I will post an updated AFTER picture. Thanks to my family for the house it is because of my Mom and Step-father that we are here and we appreciate it so very much.

SEWING!!!!!!!!!! CRAFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have become obsessed with sewing cloths and I am learning fast and loving every minute of it.
I have made 3 little girl dresses size 3T. (pictures)
I also got a new professional dress form for an early B-Day present and now I have started making my size dresses and it is so fun. My current life goal is to be a Fashion Designer/Textile designer!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Real New House

So we didn't get the house from my previous blog boohhh whooooo!! But the good news is we got a better house! This one is less move in ready and more work but, its in a cul-de-sac, one story, and full of promise and happiness. I can see my 3 kids dancing around, playing in the court, enjoying our cool new patio etc. I also get to pick a lot of the new stuff myself so its going to be designed by me!!!!
I cant wait I'm so excited. I want to get rid of the tropical tree in the front and the bushes they really don't match the rest of the landscaping and they ruin the view of our front door which will be painted red!!! Let me know what you think!!
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