Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow! A year has gone by since I last blogged!

Quick update first. We got our house and moved in March 27th, 2009. We painted inside and out, fixed up the front yard and got new carpet in the bedrooms where there is no tile. I will post an updated AFTER picture. Thanks to my family for the house it is because of my Mom and Step-father that we are here and we appreciate it so very much.

SEWING!!!!!!!!!! CRAFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!! ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have become obsessed with sewing cloths and I am learning fast and loving every minute of it.
I have made 3 little girl dresses size 3T. (pictures)
I also got a new professional dress form for an early B-Day present and now I have started making my size dresses and it is so fun. My current life goal is to be a Fashion Designer/Textile designer!