Monday, July 26, 2010

Maker Faire

My daughter and I volunteered at the Maker Faire yesterday Sat. May 22nd. What a blast! We had so much fun helping all the crafter in the Expo hall and then we got to go to Bizzar Bazzar and see all the fabolously talented artists at work in there. It was right next door at the Swamp-o-Rama where i took off my pants and traded for a comfy skirt. In private of course. We got some great fabric and some other cloths! Awesome idea and we will be going again next year with a ton of cloths. We also did some time in the Maker Shed! I saw Adam Savage (MythBusters) for a minute. Really cool.

I thought I would show you some freebies I got from a great company called FabMo. They go around the Bay Area and collect all the fabric swatches that would be thrown into our landfills otherwise. So I got some great pieces of fabric and I already made a zipper pouch OWL.

Enjoy the pictures I will add more tomorrow!

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